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The page gives our customers vital information, which is necessary for those who want to use Call Girls in Lucknow. It gives information in terms of its privacy policy and uses your personal details when you engage in this service. We or our team do not reveal your personal details to any third party without your knowledge. In other words, if we say our team members do not share or use your personal details to blackmail you. So, do not unnecessarily assume that you are safe when you approach our services. The privacy policy of our agency is on file.

Mainly, we use customer information to offer this service in a better way. We also asked for their feedback and want to know what else our agency could do for him in terms of services. When any willing client’s is using Lucknow Call Girls then he must be on board with our agency in the collection and use of their details.

Details collection and its use

When you engage with babes through our agency, we want some of your personal details. It includes things like your name, contact number, sexual desire, type of services, comfortable venue, and duration for which you want to enjoy yourself with girls.

Log Data

We collect the details that your browser gives when you come to the website for the escort services in Lucknow. It may contain some details like the Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, and version. Apart from that, it also has information like the particular page you approach on our website, date and time of your visit. Our log data keeps all information, like how much time you are spending on our website while visiting.


Cookies are types of files that come with a small amount of data that includes an anonymous particular identifier. This is provided to the customer’s browser from a website and is easily stored on their desktop or laptop hard drive.

Cookies also collect information while visiting our website. It depends on clients whether they allow all cookies or not while coming to our pages. If the client does not allow all cookies, he will not be able to see some of our services on the page. It may be crucial for him to know details about our services. So, we request that each of our willing clients accept cookies when they visit our website.

Escort service providers

In some cases, we may need the help of a third-party agency or an individual to smooth the process. They engage with us to facilitate clients’ arrangements for sexual services. Third parties work on behalf of our agency, and they have access to personal information but do not misuse it. This third part can assist you, as our agency does not have any intention to disclose your personal information.

Security of personal information

Clients’ personal data is very important for us to deliver what they expect from our agency. But, in the digital world, no one is 100% sure about its security, even if they have high levels of security. While we use your personal data for commercial and acceptable purposes only to give you better escort service.

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